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Save 50% on your membership to Huddl Creative Club forever.

The Huddl Creative Club takes your photography and stop motion to the next level.  

Transform your skills and elevate your business with monthly guides, step-by-step instructions, business insights, real-world demonstrations, and more.  

Connect with other artists as we all grow together!

for as long as you remain a member

Get 50% off your subscription for the entire duration of your membership. Cancel anytime if needed.

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Special Offer

What's in the Huddl Creative Club membership? 

Over 9 hours of instructional videos teaching product photography and stop motion animation

Monthly step-by-step tutorials through an entire project 

Lighting Foundations course

Stop Motion Foundations course

Business course to get you more clients

Pricing insights and real-world pricing examples

Beginner and advanced Lighting tutorials

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Beginner and advanced Animating Tutorials 

Beginner and advanced Editing Tutorials 

Huddl Creative Club Community

Weekly giveaways

Take a look inside
Huddl Creative Club

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What do our members have to say?

Click to watch how our members are enjoying the Huddl Creative Club

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"WOW. Okay I feel like all of a sudden things make SENSE. Loving these videos already."


"Love it! I thought I had understood spacing and timing before but realized I hadn’t really until your explanation. Yay! Thank you!"


"This is so helpful, Emily! Getting started can be so intimidating, so it's great to know what kind of portfolio is expected when pitching to brands."


"Thank you! That's very helpful. Especially to get a sense of timing and the number of images/frames per second."


"Thank you, Emily, this all makes so much sense! SO helpful in helping to wrap my head around things :-)"

- Maya

"I've been super overwhelmed with looking for lighting to buy and these videos are so helpful to see a variety of setups and what can be achieved!"


"I've just watched you make this beautiful animation and I'm still blown away with how it was done! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!"


"wow Emily what great and useful videos!! many many thanks for sharing everything!!!"


"I am so excited for the lighting portion of these videos!! Already learned so much that I never even thought of. Thank you!"

- Allison



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Course Curriculum 

You'll gain access to every video listed below.

New videos added monthly.

Lighting Foundations 

Shooting with One Light

Shooting with One Light

Stop Motion Foundations 

Stop Motion Foundations Part 1

Stop Motion Foundations Part 2

Stop Motion Foundations Part 3

Dragonframe Mini Tutorial

Step-by-step Project Guides

Light with Me | September 2022

Shoot with Me | September 2022

Edit with Me | September 2022

Light with Me | October 2022

Shoot with Me | October 2022

Edit with Me | October 2022

Light with Me | November 2022

Shoot with Me | November 2022

Edit with Me | November 2022

Light with Me | December 2022

Shoot with Me | December 2022

Edit with Me | December 2022

Light with Me | January 2022

Shoot with Me | January 2022

Edit with Me | January 2022

Light with Me | February 2022

Shoot with Me | February 2022

Edit with Me | February 2022

Light with Me | March 2022

Shoot with Me | March 2022

Edit with Me | March 2022

Business Chats

Business Chat 1 | Pricing

Business Chat 2 | Building your Portfolio

Business Chat 3 | Pitching to Brands

Business Chat 4 | From Pitch to Project

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Content Critiques

Content Critique 1

Content Critique 2

Content Critique 3

Content Critique 4

Content Critique 5

Content Critique 6

Content Critique 7

Huddl Creative Club is for you if...

You'd like to see professional projects demonstrated step-by-step.

You would like to transform your business with more clients. 

You would like to save time by learning from a professional's mistakes and successes. 

You want to turn your passion into a full-time career. 

You are a photographer who would like to add stop motion to your services.

You are a stop motion artist who would like to take your skills to the next level. 

You are an aspiring photographer and want to know where to begin.

You are an experienced photographer who wants to grow your skills and challenge yourself creatively. 

You sell products and want to take better photos of what you create. 

Artificial light feels intimidating. 

You've struggled to make your animation look smooth and fluid. 

You want your own work reviewed by Huddl Studio.

You'd like the chance to win photography backdrops weekly. 

You want to connect with a community of other creatives. 

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Frequently asked questions...

What videos are included in the membership?

You get access to a library of over 30 educational videos with your membership. Six new videos are added every month. Look under "Course Curriculum" above to see a list of all the videos you will have access to. 

What else is included in the membership?

In addition to the course videos, you also get access to the Huddl Creative Club Community. This is a space where creatives connect and grow. The community includes weekly discussion questions and weekly giveaways. 

Will there be a place to ask my technical questions?

Yes! We work hard to answer our members questions. Asking questions is one of the best ways to grow, and one of the biggest benefits of the Creative Club!

How much is the membership?

The membership is $50 / month. 

Are there different tiers in the membership?

There is only level to our membership, so that all members can have access to every video. Previously, we had 3 tiers in our membership, but we switched to an all-access model. 

Do I need to start my membership at the beginning of the month?

No! You will be charged for your membership the day you sign up, and again on that day in the following months. 

Can I cancel anytime? 

You bet! Stay in the Creative Club as long as it's serving you, but feel free to cancel anytime. We understand you may need to leave for a number of reasons, but we'll be here if you decide to come back. 

Will the monthly fee change? 

The membership fee may change in the future, but you will be locked into your original price as long as your membership is active. If you are using a coupon, that coupon will last for the number of months described in the coupon details. 

Are there any discounts to look out for after becoming a member

Yes! If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, connect with us to learn how to earn free months of membership by referring the membership to others. 

Ready to level up your skills?

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Ready to book more clients?

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Ready to join the community?

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Don't miss this special offer!

Get 50% off your subscription each month.

This offer is only available until March 31st!
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