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Pricing guide

Hello! We're so glad you are here. Below is a general guide for Huddl Studio's product photography pricing. Personalized quotes are determined by product size, complexity, audience size, and other design preferences. Contact us for a custom quote! We look forward to working together!

We offer a range of product photography, from high volume projects with a professionally consistent look, to highly specialized and creative projects that will wow your customers. Take a look below at the different options we offer, and see what fits your needs! Don't see an example of what you need? Connect with us to bring any creative ideas to life.    




on white

Products on white are professionally lit and photographed on a pure white background. This option is perfect for creating a consistent and high end e-commerce site.

See more below!




Hero shot

Our "hero shot" shows off your product in the most compelling and powerful way. We carefully craft the hero shot to highlight your product's beauty and catch your customer's attention. Learn more below!





Turn your hero shot into a versatile marketing tool with our additional flexible options. Add creative control over your final look. Or, let us get creative and design a powerful visual for you.

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products on white

Our products on white are professionally lit with a pure white background and meet the technical image requirements for Amazon. (Or have the products photographed with an off-white background if you prefer!) Products on white are perfect for updating your website or e-commerce site with a cohesive and professional aesthetic. This option is perfect for displaying your inventory in a clean and consistent way that will build trust with your customer. Whether you need to add a handful of items to your site, or completely renovate your entire inventory, we'll provide the photos that can lead to more online sales.

Use our photos to transform your website, like the example below! 

Asset 2@4x.png
Asset 2@4x.png

Impress your customers with professional and cohesive photos of your products.

products on white pricing

$200 Session Fee + Product Rates

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Each product includes one image. You can add additional images or angles as an additional option.

If you need more customized images of your product or want to show off the unique elements of your product in the most powerful way, you'll want to take a look at our Creative Hero Shots below!

Anchor 1
Anchor 2


creative hero shot

starting at


per product

+$200 session fee

Our hero shots show off your product in the most powerful and compelling way. The hero shot is designed to catch your customers attention, and make a lasting impression. By thoughtfully utilizing our knowledge of light and other technical skills, we carefully craft the image to reveal the unique features of your product.

Your product was created with a tremendous amount of care and precision. Allow us to capture your product in a way that does its beauty justice and makes a bold statement to your audience.

Our hero shots vary in price depending on the vision we cast together for the project. Connect with us to discuss the details of your project.


additional options